​KZV Armenian School (San Francisco, CA): This was my first ever business trip! This school, essentially founded by my grandfather, was a unique experience. It is an elementary and a middle school, but there's only about 200 kids there! This allowed for a very comfortable, casual "Q&A". The simplicity of the whole experience was charming to me, and all of the kids were a blast to talk with. I even got to play basketball with some of them afterwards! This school really nails the "at-home" feel. Link to their home page: http://www.kzv.org 

Laurel Hall School: Second Visit (North Hollywood, CA): It's always nice to put on V's outfit because that means there's another book presentation afoot! In fact, this is the first time I have gone to the same location twice for a book presentation. Since The Solar System's Prophecies is mandatory 8th grade summer reading at Laurel Hall, I had more freedom to actually talk about the content of the book, not just the story of how I published it and how my writing style developed. As a result, the main topics of discussion were if any of my characters were based off of people I actually knew (fun fact: many traits and names of certain characters originated from Laurel Hall!), how I came up with the Solar Prophecies, and most of all, what the second novel was going to be like. Each of the three classes I presented to were unique in their own way. The first two classes were calm and respectful, while the last class was energetic the whole way through. Link to this school's home page: http://www.laurelhall.org

Armenian Mesrobian School (Pico Rivera, CA): Setting out into the heart of Montebello, Mesrobian had a lot of kids that wanted to see The Legend of V. In fact, there were so many that I had do three separate presentations...on the same day! This is a first for me. Many memories were to be had (Dill, I'm looking at you) and laughs to be shared with everyone. After talking with everyone, I had the pleasure of signing novels at the main office (another first for me!). I had a wonderful experience here and would come back anytime! Link to this school's home page: http://www.mesrobian.org   

AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School: Second Visit (Canoga Park, CA):​ It's time to head back to AGBU for a TLOV event, but there are a few changes this time. First, I'm speaking to the 7th grade instead of the 8th grade. Second, there were many more personal questions asked. For example: "How is school?", "What do you like to do on your free time?", and "Are you going to AYF Summer Camp this year?". Also, there was about 50 to 60 kids in the room, which is one of the biggest audiences I've talked to so far. Link to this school's home page: http://www.agbumds.org

True Colors Art Studio (Granada Hills, CA):​

I did not expect to have a book signing at an art studio of all places, but I'm always open to new experiences. Who knows? It could be fun! ...AND IT WAS. Even though the room was not flooded with customers, it was better that way. The artists' focus combined with the commotion of the book stand created a perfect contrast that can only be described as art. Many of the paintings in the room were of starry skies, myself, and... eldritch abominations (trust me when I say you do NOT want to see those). Many thanks to Ms. Carol Telimi for arranging the color-filled night! Link to her studio's home page: http://www.truecolorsartstudio.com/home.html

The LA Festival of Books 2017 (Los Angeles, CA):​

This weekend event was the biggest book fair in the United States, so I was a tad nervous when walking onto the fair grounds in USC with both novels in my hands. With all of my best friends at my side, the goal was to sell 20 books in the four and a half hour time frame that Inspire Charter School gave me. I sold 25 books on Saturday, which in my mind, was a success. Immediately after my time slot had ended, Inspire Charter offered me to come back the next day for as long as I wanted, which was a huge honor! On Sunday, I sold 39 books, which blew my expectations away. So in total, I ended up selling 64 books this past weekend!! A major success, and I couldn't have done it without the help of Inspire Charter School, all of my friends who came out to support me, and my parents. Link to the festival's home page: http://events.latimes.com/festivalofbooks/

​St. Stephen's Armenian Elementary School (Watertown, MA):​ Almost immediately after Philly, I traveled to Watertown to give a presentation for a group of 4th and 5th graders. This young audience was very eager and asked many questions about the writing process, including how the cover was made and how I went about editing my novel. Many of the kids were also especially interested in my older comic books. I even met a boy whose dad works for Penguin Publishing. I wanted to talk to him more about the industry, but we had so much fun that time ran out! Link to this school's home page: http://www.ssaes.org         

Chamlian Armenian School (Glendale, CA)​: I can't even begin to describe how awesome the Armenian community is in terms of support. There's almost nothing else like it (that I've seen, anyways). Not only did they let me talk to all of their upperclassmen, but they took in novels to sell there! (BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!!) They also are considering to somehow incorporate Book 1: The Solar System's Prophecies ​into their English curriculum. These guys are SERIOUSLY awesome!! Link to their home page: http://www.chamlian.org​

Activity for the Novel(s)

Lancaster High School (Lancaster, CA):​

This was a very unorthodox TLOV book presentation. About three months ago (as of October 18, 2017), Duane Robertson contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a book signing at Lancaster High School. It was the first time someone had asked me to do a book signing for them! I agreed immediately and we worked out the details. When the time finally came for the presentation, I was honestly nervous. This would be the first time I would speak to about 150 high school students. Five minutes into the presentation, though, I immediately found myself at home, and the questions many of the students asked after my introduction were completely original. For example, "Did you incorporate actual physics into the movements of your characters?" and "Did you design your covers based on covers from other books?" After the presentation was over, I took pictures with several students and Mr. Robertson. Link to the school's home page: http://www.lnhs.org

Merdinian School (Sherman Oaks, CA): I was a little nervous for this one, since I haven't done this in over a month. These guys made me feel right at home, though.  The Q&A style presentation worked its magic, again, and many of the students specifically asked about different aspects of my journey to writing a novel. In fact, one boy came up to me at the end of the presentation and told me that HE was writing a book and that it was 150 pages in. I hope he finishes that book! Link to this school's home page: http://www.merdinianschool.com

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Toluca Lake, CA):​

Summer has gone and past, which means TLOV events start kicking up again! For my first book signing of the late 2017 season, I head to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which marks the first ever TLOV book signing in a coffee shop! While the size of the store is small, the care and support that the staff gave to me was anything but. Big thanks to Amanda, the store's general manager, for organizing the whole event and working hard to make it unforgettable. This was one of the most successful TLOV book signings ever, selling 31 books in only 2 hours. Link to Coffee Bean's website: https://www.coffeebean.com

Alex Pilibos School (Hollywood, CA): Pilibos is a well-known Armenian school in Southern California, located in the heart of Hollywood. From this school, I saw the Griffith Observatory, one of my favorite attractions in Los Angeles. It reminded me of the vast wonders of space. It put me a good mood, even before I saw the kids. I talked with Pilibos's 8th graders, and the conversation we had was very thought provoking (at least for me it was). They asked some really great questions. In fact, I had to sit and think about some of them for a few questions because none of them had ever been asked before. An example would be: "Were you judged, looked down upon, or seemed as weirdly different because you wrote a book?". It made me think, and even sweat a little bit on the inside! Afterward, five or six boys came up to me and asked about my hobbies, which I thought was really cool. I even had the luxury of getting to sign one of those kid's arms (I won't mention his name for privacy reasons, but you know who you are :D). The Link to this school's home page:  http://www.pilibos.org

Barnes and Noble Bookstar (Studio City, CA):​

There was a lot of buildup to this book signing, and why wouldn't there be?! Barnes and Noble is only the most well-known bookstore in the United States! It was a huge honor to have a book signing at one of their stores. While it may not have been as lengthy as some of my other book signings, this one was very productive. My team and I were able to sell 23 books in only 2 hours! Many of my friends came to support, including the person who inspired the name for V's best friend in the TLOV series, which was a nice surprise. Special thanks to "maxx & me photography" for the wonderful pictures, and a big thank you to Barnes and Noble Bookstar! Link to Barnes and Noble's website: https://www.barnesandnoble.com

Link to "maxx & me photography": http://www.maxxandmephotography.com

Laurel Hall School: Third Visit (North Hollywood, CA):​

Wow, a third visit to Laurel Hall! This is the first time in TLOV history that I have visited a place for a third book presentation (wasn't this also the place where I also said "for the first time in TLOV history, I've visited the same place twice for a book signing?"). All classes relatively had the same type of structure. There was always one student who asked more questions than the rest, and there was always one row of students who preferred to only observe the conversations that the other students and I were having. Speaking of conversations, there was plenty of them, like who the girl on the Triangle Corruption cover was (Azilez), the dream of making The Solar System's Prophecies (and, hopefully, all subsequent TLOV books) into a movie, and the process of self-publishing and editing books. Link to this school's home page: https://www.laurelhall.org

AGM School (Santa Ana, CA): Another great, small Armenian community! I can't tell you how supportive this community is! I'm very honored to be able to share my wonderful novel and story with a classroom filled with young 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Many of these kids were very enthusiastic and supported my "Q&A" presentation style. I hope all of them got something out of it. If they did, then I did my job well! Link to their home page: http://agminassianschool.org

Abril Bookstore (Glendale, CA): This quaint bookstore was kind enough to be a host for TLOV's first ever BOOK SIGNING!! To the right, there are some highlights of the event. This was one of the best nights I've ever had because not only did I get to share my novel and story with about 40 people, but I got to answer all of their questions about it as well. I feel better when I know I have an active audience, which is why I like a "Q&A" format more than a mere presentation of the book. Link to their home page: http://www.abrilbooks.com

I like to get TLOV novels out into the public. Why? I want as many people as possible to read this series. So, I've made it my mission to visit as many bookstores and schools as I possibly can because I want to help people be more aware of the world around them, how it works, what could potentially happen to it, and above all, entertain everyone with a good story!

AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School (Canoga Park, CA): It felt great to be back home for another novel presentation! This time, I actually got to go as my character, V! For the first time at a TLOV event, I wore the clothes that V wore in The Solar System's Prophecies. This group of 8th graders was also one of the biggest groups I've ever talked to (about 40!). With a very welcoming and respectful staff in charge, almost all of the kids got to ask me a question in under 40 minutes. At this presentation, many of the questions asked had to do with the publishing of the book, including how much it costs to print a book and how to copyright one. Also, in the audience, there was one boy I knew very well...

Link to this school's home page: http://www.agbumds.org

​Camp Zavarian (Montrose, CA): I took a long break between my last presentation and this one, but this was still loads of fun! This was, by far, the most energetic group of kids I talked to. While that means they were noisy at times, it also means that they kept the questions fresh and interesting. Speaking of fresh, this was the first summer day camp that I ever spoke at. Maybe that explains the amount of energy I witnessed in the building. If that's true, then I'm going to only summer camps from now on! (Just kidding...) Link to this summer camp's home page: http://www.cvarmeniancenter.com/campZavarian.html

Laurel Hall School (North Hollywood, CA)​: I've had many memories here, especially because it was the middle school I graduated from. But what did my old middle school do for TLOV? Did they make it mandatory summer reading? Did they invite me to talk to the 8th graders about their experiences with the novel? ALL OF THE ABOVE!! I'm very, very proud to say that this is the first school EVER to incorporate TLOV into their English curriculum! Sadly, though, I don't actually have pictures of the event. Link to their home page: http://www.laurelhall.org

Crestview Preparatory School (La Cañada, CA):​

The second school of the fall 2017 season to hold a TLOV book signing is Crestview. For this presentation, I talked to their seventeen 6th graders in a cozy corner of the school library. As you can see in the pictures, I had the students sit around me as if I was some sort of campfire. Many of the students were instantly eager to ask questions, as my introduction was a little longer than normal this time. Some questions they asked included: "How did you juggle your schoolwork with writing a book?" and "Was it always your dream to write a book?". Link to the school's home page: http://www.crestviewprep.org/page/2731_Home.asp

Armenian Sisters Academy (Philadelphia, PA)​: After a few months getting used to school again, I decided to take my first out-of-state trip for a book presentation. And for the first time, The Legend of V met the East Coast! I found myself in a small crowd of students, in a delightful atmosphere, and at a campus that was surrounded in lush, green fields. Many new questions were asked this time around, like: "Are you going to make an action figure out of V?", and: "Do you plan on making a TV series for your novel?". This was an awesome first presentation along the Atlantic Coast. Link to this school's home page: http://asaphila.org

Abril Bookstore: Second Visit (Glendale, CA):​

My first ever book signing...reborn!! I made a promise to Arno (the owner of Abril bookstore) that I would be back at his store whenever I published Triangle Corruption. And here I am! This book signing was actually the smallest one I've had ever, with only around 10 or 12 people in attendance, but that doesn't mean that it was dull in any way. On the contrary, the size of the audience actually made this book signing very relaxing and personal. Shout out to Alison Mason, who has stuck with me ever since I wrote my first book. She is an awesome mentor, and an even better friend. It's always great to work with her. Link to Abril's home page: http://www.abrilbooks.com

The Legend of V

KCAL 9 News (Studio City, CA):​

This was probably the most nervous I ever was for a TLOV event. And why shouldn't I be? I WAS ON LIVE TELEVISION!! When I got to the studio, I was taken to a back room where I met my makeup artist, Pauline. After I was spruced up, the time for the interview finally came, and it went incredibly well! I showed the world my first comic books and explained how my TLOV series started off as a 6th grade assignment. This interview was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I want to thank the staff for all of their love and support. Link to KCAL's website: http://kcal9.com