The Legend of V Part 3

Saved by an Inch

         Like I said before, I found myself in my classroom where my classmates and teacher with green eyes were ready to get me. They were charging straight at me. I was defenseless. I can’t quite explain exactly what happened next because it all happened so fast. But I was zapped back to my tree house by a laser beam.

         “All right,” I said, “Who did that? That laser couldn’t have just popped out of nowhere!” While I was yelling at the top of my lungs, I didn’t notice a bunch of footprints which lead directly to a big hole in the wall. There was more. Leading out of the big hole, there was a zip line. I quickly jumped on it with the feeling that who or whatever zapped me back to the tree house was at the end of this line. Sure enough, I was right. It was the same robot that had kidnapped me.

         “Okay,” I said, “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!”

“I saved your life,” the robot said, “You should be thanking me.”

“Why should I thank you?” I said, “It all happened so fast.”

“When I sense danger, I always help,” the robot said. “Pretend like I’m your bodyguard. If you die, the world as we now know it, will end.”

“But what explains the green eyes?” I said.

“When the prophecy was revealed, an ancient evil sensed that the chosen one, you, had finally come,” the robot said. “The evil is so cruel that it is now using your own friends and loved ones against you. This foe will NOT be easy to beat. That is why I am now going with you.”

But just who or what is this evil, and what did it do to my ancestors and what does it have planned for me? Now, with the robot at my side as my bodyguard, I set off on my new adventure to find out.

The Legend of V Part 11

The First Dimension

            I really didn’t like this anti me thing. All he wants to do is destroy me so he can be the only V in the 8 dimensions. On top of that, my companion robot is tied up, held prisoner. How was I going to get out of this one? Then I had an idea. The angrier I got, the more power my radiance burst attack has. So I let this thing get to my head so bad that I started crying. Then, the burst was so forceful, it sent Anti V flying, destroyed about 70 goons, and blew away 30 more goons. Plus, my robot was free!

            “I think I finally got this burst attack down,” I said with tears still in my eyes.

            “That’s fantastic,” the robot said. “Now, what did the cave say?”

            “It said “THE NEXT DIMENSION”,” I said.

            “What does that-?” the robot started, but, it couldn’t finish because we got beamed AGAIN!

            “I’m getting sick of this beam,” I started, “Who’s doing it anyway?”

            “I want to know to,” the robot said, “but I really want to know what “THE FIRST DIMENSION” means.” I guess that was a good idea. I mean, we had nowhere else to go. So, we went north about 5 miles and then ran into a weird hole. It wasn’t a black hole or a wormhole, which is, again, weird, but it had a sign next to it showing “1”.

            “This might’ve been what the cave was talking about!!” I yelled. Without talking, the robot and I looked at each other and jumped in. When we got out of the weird hole, we weren’t 3D anymore, and we weren’t even 2D. We were made of dots!!!

The Legend of V Part 5

The Forbidden Secret

            Remember how I accidently bumped into the person in front of me when I was in the city and he went back to normal? Well, before that happened, I didn’t really know I could do that. So, I asked the robot how was it that I could make people normal again. But when I asked, the robot was silent.

            “For the last time,” I said, “HOW DID I DO THAT?!”

            “Alright, I’ll tell you,” the robot said. “But you mustn’t tell anyone.”

            “I’m listening,” I said.

            “Very well,” the robot started. “This is what’s known as the Forbidden Secret.”

            “The Forbidden Secret…………never heard of it,” I said with a puzzled look.

            “You’re not supposed to hear of it,” the robot said. “Well, not a regular human. Here, take this scroll and read it.” The robot handed me a scroll. I unfolded it and read. It said, “The Divine Prophecy’s light shall break the Cave of Fate’s dark prophecy. Thy light prophecy shall only be revealed to one who is worthy to contain such light. Once thy light is obtained, the worthy one shall…..”

            “Where’s the rest of it?” I said as I was searching through the scroll.

            “Wait……….WHAT?!” the robot boomed out, “It was there when we were at Pluto. But that’s the last time I saw it!”

“Aaarrrrrrgggghhhh!!!” I yelled in anger. “WHO TOOK IT? WELL, WHOEVER DID IS GOING TO REGRET EVER EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT!!!” Who was the thief that took the missing half of the Forbidden Secret that I, V, wanted to know about and needed to know about?!

The Legend of V Part 13

Infinity Olympus

            Let’s see, if the cave tells us to go to Olympus, we should go to Olympus. Another reason why the robot and I were going was because we didn’t know where else to go. So, as we always do, the robot and I teleport to Olympus. However, the sign on the bottom of the mountain made the robot’s jaw drop, and he doesn’t even have a jaw! The sign read:

            MOUNT OLYMPUS

            ELEVATION: INFINITY; Chosen One, meet your destiny!

            “Um…” I murmured, “How do we climb a mountain that’s never ending?!”

            “Easy,” the robot said putting his robot parts back together, “We teleport to the top.”

            “Oh, that’s right.” I began to say, as we teleport to the top. I have to admit, teleporting is fun! When we got to the top, we saw what no mortal had seen. We saw The Shrine of the Olympian Gods!!! To the side, it said:

            ENTER, CHOSEN ONE, IF YOU DARE!!!!

            “Nobody threatens me!” I yelled out, “You hear that, Olympians?! I’m coming at you!!”

            “Do you even know how you’re going to go at them?” the robot said. “Before you march into the shrine and get yourself killed, I suggest you plan something elaborate.”

            “You’re probably right,” I said, “Who knows how strong the Gods might be.” By then, it was already too late. The shrine gates opened with a celestial burst. We had no choice. We had to go and battle the Gods. It was now or never!!

The Legend of V Part 9

Planet X

            At this point, I thought that atoms were supposed to be small and not the size of two suns! However, the robot and I kept going, not knowing if we’ll suffocate or not. We finally entered the atmosphere and hit the ground. It was unlike any other planet I’ve seen, because everywhere you looked, there was fire!! Also, my theory about life on this planet was right because every strange being was being attacked by none other than Anti V!!!

            “WHY ARE YOU HERE?!” I shouted with a mighty roar.

            “Aren’t you the chosen one?” Anti V said. “You’re supposed to know why I’m here. This planet holds secrets unlike any other, but no one here is telling me. So, I’ll just lay waste to them!!” Before he could even turn around, I went behind him and threw him in a ball of light, which then disappeared.

            “He shouldn’t bother you anymore. Are you all right?” I said to the being. I helped him up.

            “MAY THIS DAY BE BLESSED!!” the being shouted. “THE CHOSEN ONE, OUR SAVIOR, IS HERE!!! We have been waiting for you for thousands of years.” He took me inside into a house that looked like an Earth house. “We are known as Exions,” the now I knew Exion started. “That bully was right though. Our planet holds the secret to one of the most hunted secrets of all time. The secret of the Exiform. It gives you the ability to create and destroy, with your mind!!” That sounded really cool. I mean, who wouldn’t like to create and destroy things without your opponent knowing? “The only way that one can obtain it though, is the chosen one.

            “But I’m the chosen one!” I said eagerly.

            “You may be the chosen one,” the Exion started, “but do you have the chosen heart? We can’t tell. However, I can show you this planet’s prophecy called the Exiphy.” The being led me to the temple where their prophecy is. As soon as I walked in, I dropped my jaw. The first words I read were: HOW TO FIND THE THIRD CAVE!!!! 

The Legend of V Part 2

The Destined Path

         Last I left off was when I was taken to Pluto and the entrance to the Cave of Fate was right in front of me. When the robot told me to go in, I figured I’d just listen because I had no idea what was going on at the moment. All I heard from the robot is that I’m the legendary V told of in the prophecy and that I must rise now. What did that mean? I had no idea. So, I went into the cave to find some answers.

         When I went in the cave, I found myself staring at a blank wall. “Isn’t the prophecy supposed to be on this wall?” I said confused to the robot.

“Yes,” the robot said, “But it will only appear to the chosen one.”

“But how does the wall know who’s the chosen one?” I exclaimed.

“Touch the wall,” the robot said, “And you will be tested.”

I thought in my own mind, “Tested for what, exactly?” But since I had no idea, I just touched it. Then, the wall spoke!!

         “The prophecy shall only be revealed to the chosen one.” The wall started speaking, “You must state your name and birth date.” I did as the wall told me. Then, it scanned me. “It is you, Supreme V,” it said, “I shall reveal the prophecy.” When I looked at the wall there was only one thing on it. It shocked me. It froze me. It almost scared me. My ancestors were engraved on the wall!!

         “Alright,” I said, “Why are my ancestors on the wall?!”

The robot explained everything to me, the start of Earth, the start of man, and the battle’s purpose, leading me to where I stood now.

“ But . . . . But,” I murmured.

“Accept it V,” the robot said, “because it’s all true.” It was extremely hard to swallow all of that, but eventually, I did it. The robot took me back to Earth, and his final words were, “Be prepared for anything, treat everyone as your enemy, until trusted.”

The next day, I was back in school. I felt different, as if the enemy was all around me. I couldn’t have been more right. The first step I took into the classroom, everyone, even the teacher was there all with green eyes, and weapons, ready to attack me!!

The Legend of V Part 4

Bending Fate

            When the robot united with me, we began our new adventure together and from the very beginning, there was already suspicious activity. The city’s people had been brainwashed! Not just my classmates, but everyone. As the robot and I were about to swing into action to save the day, the robot and I were suddenly beamed back to Pluto.

            “Very funny,” I said to the robot.

            “Okay, the first time I beamed you back and forth, but this time, I swear I didn’t do it,” the robot replied.

            “But, you were the only one around me,” I said confused. “If you didn’t do it, then who…”

            “I DID IT!!!!” screamed the wall that I had faced from the first time on Pluto.

            “Don’t ever scream like that again,” I said to the wall.

            “Sorry to startle you,” the wall started. “I just wanted to see your progress. So far half of the city’s people should be brainwashed.”

            “But we saw that all of the people have been brainwashed,” I said.

            “Then this is bad,” the wall said. “The evil is already bending fate and the prophecy.”

            “No,” I said, “IMPOSSIBLE!!! I won’t stand for this!!” As I was screaming, my anger made me and the robot transport back to Earth!

            “How did you do that?!” the robot shouted.

            “I have no idea,” I said. “It’s as if my anger, my passion, and my energy helped us. Now, let’s get back into action!” Then, another strange thing occurred. As soon as I accidently bumped into the brainwashed person in front of me, his eyes were transformed back to normal and he wasn’t trying to get me anymore. He was back to normal!!

Novel: The Legend of V Part 6

I Smell A Thief

         Okay, this is irritating. I always hate this part. It just seems like when you have the clue and you’re ready to solve the mystery, all of a sudden, the clue is gone. However, the part I like is where the good guy figures out a way to get the clue back, finds out who stole it, and then figures out the reason why he did it. We’re in the big city, and I’ve got an idea.

         “Well,” said V, “there are three possibilities. It was either destined to happen, the clue came without the second part, or someone took it.”

         “I would go with the third one,” the robot said, “Someone stole it.”

         “Okay,” said V, “So that is most likely and we can assume that. Hmm………………..!!! I got it. Robot, hand me over that clue.”

         “What good will that do?” the robot exclaimed confusingly.

         “Trust me,” stated V, “I’m the chosen one.” V reads the clue again. As he was remembering how something can help track the villainous mind, he remembered the Cave of Fate. When he was done reading, he shouted, “I KNEW IT!!!”

“What is it?!” the robot said.

“A quote,” said V, “It says the Cave of Fate is EVIL!!!”

         “Ah,” the robot said, “You are accusing the cave, eh? Very well let’s go!!” The Robot teleports V and it back to Pluto. But the cave was expecting them. It was ready.

         “HAHAHA!!!” the Cave of Fate laughed in a horribly evil way. “Finally, you have caught on chosen one?”


         “Umm…..V,” the Robot said, “The cave is immortal. How do you think it was still here from the beginning of time?”

         “Oh.” V said.

         “I hope you fight as well as you yell,” the wall said. “AH..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Let the battle commence!

The Legend of V Part 8

The Divine Prophecy Shock

         I was thinking to myself why is there another cave, how did we get beamed here, and what is this cave called? Fortunately, the robot examined the cave closely on the outside. While he was examining, I felt like something went through my head, something like a jolt of lightning, and then I knew what the cave was.

         “Well,” the robot said, “It appears the cave is called…”

         “The Cave of Divinity,” I said, “right?”

         “How did you know?” the robot questioned.

         “It felt like a jolt of lightning went through my head,” I exclaimed. “Can we go into the cave now?”

         “It’s locked,” the robot said, “we can’t.”

         “Hold on,” I said. I walked towards the entrance and touched the locked door, and the door opened! We went inside and we were absolutely shocked.

         “WHY IS THE CAVE EMPTY!?” the robot yelled out.

         “I don’t know,” I said, “but look!” I found a tablet. On the tablet, there was an arrow pointing to the left, and below the arrow it said “300,000 light years”. I thought to myself that every clue that we had found before this had lead us into a trap. So it was possible that the tablet was placed here on purpose for us to find. Then it hit me. I had made Anti V fly this way! I also remembered that every time we got out of a trap, we found something important, so I didn’t say anything to the robot.

         “Well,” the robot started, “we might as well follow the clue because we have nowhere else to go.” The robot then held my arm, concentrated and teleported us without a beam!

         “What is this place?” I said confusingly.

         “I know most things,” the robot said. “But this I’ve never seen.” We were looking at an extremely large green planet, about as big as the sun, maybe bigger! It had numerous rings around itself, making it look like the biggest atom ever.

         “Let’s go,” I said.

         “To that oversized atom?!” the robot screamed. “You don’t even know if there’s life there!”         “I actually do know there’s life there because I can sense water on this planet,” I said. “I can also sense mass destruction, which is why we’re going, why we have to go there.” So, the robot and I started towards the planet, not know what might happen to us.

The Solar System's Prophecies Beta "Novel"

Authors and books generally don't get along very well when the relationship begins. Everything someone does in life becomes better with practice, and that holds true for TLOV as well. Here, you can witness the very assignments that lead to the creation of my first novel, The Solar System's Prophecies.

Let me explain: I had an assignment to do in the sixth grade called "Core Writing". It was very simple in what it asked of me: write for 30 minutes every week and then turn in your work into a folder every Wednesday. At that point, the only writing experience I had was with "N-n-M Productions" (a comic book business I made up for fun to get myself into writing). So, after the first two weeks, I ran out of ideas for the assignment. In the midst of this funk, I came up with a very brief story; it was the beta of what would become The Legend of V. Luckily, I managed to keep all of my hard work on a separate computer, so you can all read the original The Legend of V. What was it called? To be honest, I never came up with a title...let's just call it The Solar System's Prophecies beta novel! (by the way, I have NO CLUE where part 1 went...or part 8...OR part 12. Oblivion? Possibly. I wouldn't know; I've never been there.)

The Legend of V Part 10

The Cave of Exi

“HOW MANY CAVES ARE THERE?!” V yelled out.

            “There are 10 caves,” the Exion said.

            “Okay,” I said, “Let me just focus on this one.” I examined the temple. It said that the cave was called the Cave of Exi, and it was located in the center of Planet X!! There was good news though. Finding the cave was easy when I realized there was an elevator right next to me. It took me to the Cave of Exi. All the cave had been was a very massive diamond. It said that the evil will attack very soon. Also, the divine evil is almost done!!! Although, the prophecy said with divine evil comes a divine hero. It was me, the chosen one!!!! The last part said the next planet is made of what the prophecy was made of!!!!! I walk out and the planet wasn’t there anymore!!!!!! On top of that, dark goons surrounded me with Anti V. For the cherry on top, the robot was in chains.

            “FINALLY!” Anti V shouted. “YOU WILL BE ERASED FROM EXISTANCE!!” All of a sudden, I feel as if the strongest lightning bolt struck me because a hurricane of light wiped out every single goon and Anti V. The robot was safe.

            “Thanks,” the robot started. “What did the prophecy say?”

            “It said,” I started, “the next planet is made of diamond.”

            “Did it warn you about the goons and Anti V?” the robot questioned.

            “Yeah,” I continued. “It also said the divine evil is almost finished!! There was good news too. I am the divine hero!!!”

            “Well that’s good,” the robot said. “If the evil is almost finished, what are we standing here for? Let’s go to the planet of diamond. So, where is it?”

            “Oh no,” I said with wide eyes. “The prophecy didn’t tell me!!” That’s exactly what we needed. 

The Legend of V

Seems like an odd sort of place to end it, right? Well...that's like that because this part of the novel was the last "Core Writing" assignment of the year. I also realized (as you probably did as well) that this beta was BADLY WRITTEN. It didn't take long for me to realize that. So, I scrapped The Solar System's Prophecies beta novel and started anew (with some of the ideas here in mind). Because it was my sixth grade teacher who inspired me to write more, I promised her the first copy of my published book (which is one promise I thankfully kept).

The Legend of V Part 14

Olympian’s Reign

            I’m now having one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments, right now. Not every person gets to see the Olympian’s Hall in the Sky in their lifetime. As I entered, I saw all twelve Gods and Goddesses. They didn’t look too happy to see me. How would I know, it’s not like they’ve EVER seen a mortal at Mt. Olympus in their 4.5 billion years of being.

            “HOW DID YOU CLIMB MT. OLYMPUS?” Zeus yelled out, “IT IS INFINITE!!”

            “Not all things are infinite, Zeus,” I replied.

            “INSOLENT LITTLE FOOL!!!” Zeus yelled again, “MY POWER IS INFINITE!!!!” I didn’t like where this conversation was going. Zeus was about to blow his top off, and all the other divine beings around him were about to flick me off the mountain. But nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. Zeus and the others disappeared out of thin air. To make things worse they were planning to make all dimensions one. They were going to make Overlord Olympus, a dimension for gods only. The human race would be put to an end. I wasn’t going to let that happen. I could not allow Zeus and the other Olympians to eliminate mankind!!